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10 Awesome Things to Do on South Padre Island in Texas

South Padre Island in Texas tends to have a bit of a reputation – a reputation of being a party-happy Spring Break destination. But before you assume that visiting South Padre Island is bound to resemble a rowdy movie about the American college experience, know that there's plenty to do on SPI that…

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Winter Attractions on South Padre Island

Winter has arrived on South Padre Island, and if you think that there isn’t much to do during the winter season, you are in for a big surprise; SPI has multiple attractions you can enjoy even in cooler temperatures. One of the best things about South Padre Island is that the temperature doesn’t drop…

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Gladys Porter Zoo

Alisha Workman and I (Jamie Whetstone) recently visited the Gladys Porter Zoo to take a tour and chat with the Director of Marketing, Cynthia Garza-Galvan. It was a day of many firsts — not only was it the first time either of us had been to the Zoo, but it was also the first time either of us had…

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