South Padre Island Film Commission

Looking for the perfect tropical location to film? So easy! The Film Commission is ready to assist you in finding the perfect location on South Padre Island. The Island offers a variety of unique locations to film, as well as provides a temperate, year-round climate, and more than 300 days of sunshine each year. So easy. So Padre.

Our team is ready to help make your next onscreen project a success. Whether you are in the idea phase or deep into post-production our resources can guide you in the process. South Padre Island Film Commission reviews proposed films, commercials, and programs, and reserves the right to not support content that is discriminatory, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable.

Working With Us

The South Padre Island Film Commission is a division of the City of South Padre Island Convention and Visitors Bureau. Our Commission was established to help facilitate filming on locations throughout our beautiful community and beaches. The attractive locale, known for its breathtaking scenery, is an ideal filming location.

The South Padre Island Film Commission aids in identifying locations and acquiring City of South Padre Island, Cameron County, and Coast Guard permissions. Police presence may be required for filming in the public right of ways and public beach accesses.

Location Services

  • Liaison for permits and permission to film
  • Assistance in location research
  • Access to a photo library of destination imagery and locations


  • Assistance with hotel room blocks
  • List of crew/budget-friendly restaurants
  • Transportation company recommendations
  • Information on State and Local laws pertaining to filming;


  • Access to hi-resolution images of South Padre Island

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