South Padre Island Welcome Sign

Upon entering the island from the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway, our iconic welcome sign greets visitors, setting the stage for their island adventure. Families often pause here, capturing cherished moments in a picture-perfect family snapshot that marks their memorable stay. As the most photographed spot on the island, this beloved location holds a special place in the hearts of our visitors.


SPI Convention Center Beach Chairs 

Nestled within the South Padre Island Convention Center, these vibrant, oversized chairs have emerged as a beloved selfie haven for visitors. Their bold colors and colossal stature make them an instant attraction, drawing everyone's gaze. Join in and get creative with fun poses. And feel free to bring your pets along to share in the picture-perfect moments, as this is a pet-friendly spot on the island.

   Pet Friendly Guide

Photo by: @magsandboon

Courtyard Murals

At the Courtyard by Marriott on South Padre Island, you'll find the must-see mural, a sprawling 2,000 sq. ft. masterpiece depicting the island's marine life. Bar Louie, the hotel's restaurant, adds to the appeal with two more works of art by the Argentinian artist Marcos Zamudio – one showcasing native sea turtles and the other extending a warm restaurant welcome.


Sand Rose Beach Resort Mural 

A testament to our recent growth, this vibrant artwork stands as one of our newest and awe-inspiring attractions. Bursting with color, it embodies the local fauna and the spirit of the Gulf of Mexico. Conceived by Argentinian Graphic Designer Fede Miniaci and given life by the hands of Marcos Zamudio, this masterpiece graces the front of Sand Rose Beach Resort, extending a warm welcome to visitors through its bright and vivid colors.

  Sand Rose Beach Resort Mural

Photo by: Marcos Zamudio

Sea Turtle Art Trail

Indulge in the charm of the Sea Turtle Art Trail on South Padre Island, where captivating sea turtle sculptures are all around. Scattered across the island, these sculptures create a delightful trail for visitors to explore. You can pick up an Art Trail map at our visitor center, guiding you to each turtle's location and its meaningful significance. Each sculpture is a distinct work of art, offering a fresh chance for a unique selfie experience.


Sandcastle Village

Here at the Sandcastle Capital of the World, we are home to many of sand masters. Leading the charge is the talented artist Lucinda, affectionately known as "Sandy Feet," who brings life to the Sandcastle Village. This enchanting village boasts a series of remarkable sand sculptures that shift with the seasons. The astonishing forms and textures of these sculptures often leave visitors in awe of the incredible feats accomplished with mere grains of sand.

 Sandcastle Village

Beach Waterpark Sandcastle

When the summer sun is heating things up, there's no better oasis than Beach Waterpark – the ultimate family destination for a refreshing splash and endless fun. The star of the show is their iconic tipping bucket perched atop a massive sandcastle, a favorite among visitors. Families can't resist capturing joyful moments with their little ones under the cascading delight, creating cherished memories.


Shark at Jaws T-shirt Store

A beloved South Padre Island fixture, the iconic shark has graced our shores for years. From its very inception, it transformed into a premier selfie hotspot. Visitors ingeniously pose within the jaws of this toothy titan, crafting memorable snapshots that capture the essence of their island escapade.

 Shark at Jaws

Jonah and the Whale

In tribute to our latest island addition, Jonah and the Whale showcases a life-sized blue whale replica, inviting visitors to step inside its massive mouth for an unforgettable photo op. Once you've snagged that picture-perfect moment, a must-stop is the Sugar Kingdom, where sugary delights await to elevate your South Padre Island experience and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Jonah and the Whale

Margaritaville Yellow Sandal

Introducing the world of full-service hospitality – Margaritaville! Their vibrant trademark sandals are as iconic as their brand, and here, a unique twist awaits – the sole yellow sandal within the entire Margaritaville hotel collection. Guests and island wanderers alike are encouraged to seize the moment and capture a photo, day or night. While you're there, remember to satiate your cravings at the Landshark Bar & Grill restaurant – a delectable treat awaits with every visit.

 Margaritaville Sandal

Coco Beach Hotel Mural

A fresh splash of creativity on South Padre Island comes in the form of the vibrant mural at Coco Beach hotel, extending a warm welcome to all who arrive. Nestled beside their pool and bar area, this masterpiece sets the stage for a double delight – enjoy a refreshing cocktail while soaking in the stunning beach vistas, and seize the moment to capture that flawless selfie against this eye-catching backdrop.


SPI Convention Center Orcas off the Gulf of Mexico

Discover the captivating mural residing within the South Padre Island Convention Center, a depiction of three majestic orcas gracefully gliding across its wall. Created in 1994, it proudly belongs to the renowned Wyland Whaling Walls series, an artistic journey spanning various cities nationwide. This masterpiece, the fifty-fifth in the series, retains its status as a cherished cultural emblem on South Padre Island, reminding all who behold it of the harmonious beauty of marine life.

  Wyland Wall