South Padre Island is home to a collection of castles called the Sandcastle Trail. Around 30 sand sculptures are located throughout the Island, sculpted by professional sand artists — some local, some from as far away as Singapore! Many of these sculptures are traditional castles, while others are themed for the businesses and organizations where they are located.

The City of South Padre Island recently set forth initiatives to rebuild, sustain and grow key sand castle exhibits on the Island, which includes the Sandcastle Trail. Lucinda "Sandyfeet" Wierenga and her team are currently working on touching up the existing sand sculptures. Some sculptures need to be completely rebuilt, like the Semper Fi sculpture outside Island Services, whereas others are in need of more minor touch-ups, like the sculpture outside of the SPI Birding & Nature Center.


The SPI Chamber of Commerce Sand Sculpture

The iconic SPI Chamber of Commerce sand sculpture is part of the Sandcastle Trail as well. Just days after the artists finished replacing the old sand sculpture that had stood for five years, major damage was done to the structure during spring break of 2018. Local master sand sculptors are currently in the process of rebuilding the structure, and are planning to have it done by the end of the summer. The castle will be bigger than the last one and the design will come from different castle architecture from around the world.

Master Sand Sculptor Andy Hancock hard at work on the rebuild (6/14/18)

Progress as of 8/14/18


Recently Re-done Sand Castle Trail Sculptures

Here are some of the recently re-done Sandcastle Trail sculptures before (left) and after (right) the artists worked their magic.

Bada Bing Bagels | 1817 Padre Blvd # 3

Island Outfitters | 206 W Swordfish St.

Island Services | 1700 Padre Blvd.

SPI Birding & Nature Center | 6801 Padre Blvd.

Kelly's Irish Pub | 101 E. Morningside Dr.

Pier 19 | 1 Padre Blvd.

South Shore Automotive | 1612 Padre Blvd.

Suntide III | 3000 Gulf Blvd.

NEW to the Sandcastle Trail

Native Plant Center | 6809 Padre Blvd.

Coral Reef Lounge | 5301 Padre Blvd.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Visitors Center sand sculpture and the rest of the Sandcastle Trail! We'll update as more sculptures are built, rebuilt and retouched.


Sandcastle Lessons

Want more of a hands on experience? Take a sand castle lesson with a master sand sculptor who will help you build the sandcastle of your dreams! Whether you want to build a traditional sand castle, an animal, a cartoon character, or even your very own sand throne…our local sand sculptors will show you how it’s done. You don’t need any artistic ability, you just need to be able to have fun! Click here for more info.