Happy Father's Day!

Some of our favorite businesses on the island are run by father-son and father-daughter duos like Osprey Cruises. One of South Padre Island’s duos is Phil & Felicia Calo who together run Osprey Cruises, Black Dragon Cruises, and Jim's Pier.


Felicia grew up around the island and right from the start the Osprey was in her blood. “Osprey was started in April of 1997, a year after I was born. The first time I rode the Osprey, I was 6 months old!” Felicia recalls her dad’s long hours building the business. “For the first chunk of my life, my dad and I would wake up and be at the office before sunrise. I was what you called a “dock kid.” Going to work every day with my dad I learned just about everything: throwing cast nets, tying hooks, running cash registers, answering phones, etc.”


After graduating from UT Austin, Felicia decided to return to South Padre Island. “Best decision ever! I’ve grown and learned so much from him, and I can't thank him enough. Don’t get us wrong, working with family IS difficult, but if you want it to work you’ll make it work. My dad and I both are upper management holding down the fort at our locations here.”


If you’re on the Island for Father’s Day and decide to take a cruise - try one of these great family businesses - it’s a great way to celebrate hard-working dads and their kids!