Date: September 18, 2017

The Water is Just Right!

South Padre Island is known for having the widest, cleanest beaches in Texas. What a lot of people don’t know is just how warm those beaches stay in the winter months.

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You’re never far from the beach on South Padre Island, the widest point of the island is half a mile long. But that begs the question, what is there to do when the weather gets cool? Fall and winter are actually 2 of the best times to visit. Summer is the busiest season, so in the fall and winter you’ll miss the crowds. And, you can swim longer into the season than you think.

The water surrounding South Padre Island doesn’t really start to cool down until October, and water temperatures usually stay warm enough to swim in until about December. Of course, every year is different and everyone is different. Normal precautions should always be taken when swimming in any body of water. That aside, the waters definitely stay warm enough to dip your toes in all the way up until Christmas!

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If you want to swim but sea conditions aren’t safe or are just a little too chilly, Schlitterbahn water park has you covered. The resort’s indoor attractions are open most weekends during the fall, winter and spring.

There are other beach related activities that are available even if the water is a little chilly. Dolphins live around South Padre Island year round and there are dolphin viewing excursions throughout the year. There are also plenty of fish any time of year, in deep waters or right off the bay.

Finally, there’s never a bad time to simply lounge on the beach and enjoy the tranquility. Fall is one of the least crowded times, which means more beach for you.

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