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Once a year, the Island never sleeps, stops, or slows down.
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The Vibe

It’s all about the vibe. The music, the lights, the unforgettable experiences with your closest friends.

The Island Life

Music is blaring, people are dancing, and the waves are crashing at your feet from sun up to sundown - every.single.day.

The Coin

From lodging deals, to kegs, to happy hours - your money goes further on Spring Break Island.


What you really want to know!

Once a year South Padre Island becomes the official island of Spring Break. The party never sleeps, stops, or slows down. There’s no place like it.

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When is my spring break?

Spring Break for is

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Get ready to party with everyone.

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March 10, 2018

    What are the top events?

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    South Padre Island boasts some of the hottest talent spring break has ever seen.

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    Who is headlining?

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    Attend a huge concert on the beach with your friends or some of the local island hot spots with after hour deals.

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    How do I get there?

    Drive. Fly. Cruise.

    Getting to South Padre Island is much easier than you think.

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