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Once a year South Padre Island officially becomes Spring Break Island. A tropical oasis dedicated to the experience that never sleeps, stops, or slows down. There’s no place like it. Make your epic plans here and now.

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The States of Spring Break Island

Spring Break FAQs

Common questions about spring break on South Padre Island

Can I park on the beach?

Every beach is different. Check the signage and, if in doubt, don’t drive or park on the beach.

Is alcohol allowed on the beach?

If you are of legal drinking age (21), then yes, you can have alcohol on the beach. Glass is prohibited on the beaches, so no glass containers, and you cannot have open alcohol containers in a moving vehicle.

Can I have a bonfire on the beach?

No. fires of all type are prohibited on South Padre Island’s beaches.

Are there lifeguards on the beach?

There is a beach patrol that covers as much of South Padre Island’s beaches as possible. In case of an emergency, stay calm and call 911. Weak swimmers should be cautious about entering the water and you should never swim alone.

What do I do if caught in rip current?

Swim parallel (not perpendicular) to the shore and never fight the current’s pull.

What do I do if a get a ticket?

Go to myspi.org for info.

What happens if I get an alcohol related offense?

Alcohol related offenses carry a fine and may require an Alcohol Awareness course and suspension of your driver’s license. Have a designated driver or call a cab.

Can I be on the beach at night?

Every beach is different. Check the signage, never swim in the ocean after dark and if in doubt, don’t go on the beach.  

Are there restrooms on the beach?

That depends on the beach, but in most cases, there are public restrooms or beach bars with facilities, just make sure to patronize the restaurant before you use their facilities!

What’s the weather like?

The weather is just right! In March and April, the average high is in the mid-70s and the average low is in the mid-60s.

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