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South Padre Island is home to a collection of castles called the Sandcastle Trail. Around 30 sand sculptures are located throughout the Island, sculpted by professional sand artists — some local, some from as far away as Singapore! Many of these sculptures are traditional castles, while others are themed for the businesses and organizations where they are located.

The City of South Padre Island recently set forth initiatives to rebuild, sustain and grow key sand castle exhibits on the Island, which includes the Sandcastle Trail. Lucinda “Sandyfeet” Wierenga and her team are currently working on touching up the existing sand sculptures. Some sculptures need to be completely rebuilt, like the Semper Fi sculpture outside Island Services, whereas others are in need of more minor touch-ups, like the sculpture outside of the SPI Birding & Nature Center.

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Holiday Sandcastle Village Updates
A new sculpture is being carved right now at the Holiday Sandcastle Village.

“Rough Seas” – carved by master sand sculptor Emerson Schreiner – is nearly complete, and should be around to wow visitors for months to come.

Brand New South Padre Island Art Trails Map

We will soon be releasing a new map of the art trails on South Padre Island. It will highlight the Sea Turtle Art Trail, the Sandcastle Trail, and more information on the local art scene. Follow the detailed map to make sure you don’t miss any of the amazing art we have here on South Padre Island. View Map HERE. For the full information booklet stop by our Visitors Center.

Sea Turtle Art Trail

The South Padre Island Sea Turtle Art Trail Task Force has decided to curate, design, and build 8-10 permanent sea turtle art sculptures across the City of South Padre Island! Find out MORE.

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