Date: April 9, 2018

#PupsOfPadre: Pet-Friendly Getaway Guide

It’s South Padre Island’s belief that dogs deserve a vacation too. Pet-friendly accommodations are easy to find and with miles of sandy beaches, your furry friend will be entertained all day long. Here’s what you need to know about bringing Fido with you on your Island adventure.

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash. Pup, puppy, pups of padre, dog

Where to Stay

South Padre Island offers a variety of lodging options for you and your furry friend. You have choices in all price ranges and many types of accommodations to choose from.

Pet Safety Tips

People love South Padre Island’s soft sandy beaches, and so will your pooch! Just keep in mind that the policy on the Island requires all pets on a leash — it’s for the safety of your furry friend and others — and make sure you have a way to pick up after them. Bring plenty of fresh water for your pets to drink, even during cooler months, as saltwater can upset their stomachs. During hot summer months, the morning and evening are the best time to visit the beach and keep risk of overheating. Being mindful of peak sun times will also reduce the risk of them burning their paws on the hot sand and pavement.

Pet-Friendly Activities & Attractions

Where to Dine

Indulge after a long day on the beach and experience the bold, tropical flavors of South Padre Island at more than 20 local spots. Casual, take out, fine dining, beach and bayside views – pull up a chair and savor every bite with your furry companion.

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