September 15, 2020

The South Padre Island Convention Centre has hatched the latest member of the Sea Turtle Art Trail.  The creation of Mission, Texas artist Ariel Powell King, this turtle, titled “Luna,” features a circle of palm trees around a beaming orange sun, conveying an island  feeling and is reflective of the feelings of all tropical travelers.

“My sea turtle art reveals the duality between day and night, land and sea,” said King. “My piece represents the endless miles a sea turtle travels through waves of the ocean under the beautiful stars.” The duality of the journey sea turtles take was captured in a unique day-and-night scene on the turtle itself. The shell serves as a canvas for the day, the belly and pedestal capture the night journey, filled with sea life against a dark background and a waning crescent moon. 

Sea Turtle Art Trail Luna

King is a third-generation artist, master naturalist, and fervent explorer. Inspiration for her art comes from trips to the beaches and mountains of Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, and around the United States. Through her travels, she developed a passion for folk art and the connection between people and the natural world around them. 

King has a degree in Radio-Television-Film at UT Austin and developed her artistic perspective behind the framed lens of a camera. Currently, King paints with acrylic, oil, & watercolor, and creates mixed-media and jewelry. She also manages a wildlife conservation plan and operates The Bryan House (a 1909 farmhouse built by William Jennings Bryan) as well as an organic vegetable family farm in Mission, Texas.

“We were attracted to the day and night rendering on Ariel’s turtle,” said Ed Caum, South Padre Island’s CVB Director. “She brought to life the journey sea turtles take from the moment they are born on our Island beach to their eventual return to lay eggs for another generation. It’s well in keeping with much of our community’s multigenerational love of the Island itself.” 

All turtles on the Trail are arranged for ease of both social distancing and selfies.

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