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South Padre Island SandCastle Lessons


South Padre Island SandCastle Lessons

South Padre Island SandCastle Lessons


Learn to build a Sandcastle!

Nobody wants a little Sandcastle so learn to make them BIG!

I teach different methods, hand stacking and forms and show how to use a variety of tools.

As you can see that tower above is over 5 feet tall!

I supply all the gear needed, shovels, buckets tools….all you supply is the sun screen and camera!

Our classes are where ever your nearest access to the beach is; if your hotel/motel is right on the beach we can do it right there, or at any place along the beach from the Jetties to above beach access #6. 

My standard class is stated at 2 hours but it’s usually more like 2 1/2, because time flies when you’re having fun!

See more examples of my classes on my Facebook page: facebook.com/SouthPadreIslandSandCastleLessons