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Skydive South Padre Island

Skydive South Padre Island

2812 Padre Boulevard Suite A South Padre Island, TX 78597

What to Expect:

We are Skydive South Padre, located at 2812 Padre Blvd. Suite A, South Padre Island,TX. 78597

We are open year round and can be reached at 956-744-JUMP(5867) or info@skydivespi.com

We are a hand selected group of instructors, most of which are world record holders and national champs. All of our instructor’s make thousands of skydives annually and are some of the best in the USA, making your skydive fun and safe.


Video? Yes! Video is available and highly recommended. Your skydive can be captured on an edited video along with 30-60 digital photos. Again, we pride ourselves on quality. Please feel free to look at our profile on www.TripAdvisor.com and you will see what our past customers have said about us.

We fly you up to 11,000 feet in our beautiful private aircraft, our skydiving equipment is the best gear you can buy and we specialize in Tandem Skydives.

What is a Tandem Skydive? A tandem skydive is hands down the best way to experience the thrill of skydiving without having to do it alone. Lets face it, skydiving is not a trial and error sport. Most reputable skydiving centers require two tandem skydives before a student may pass on to solo jump training.

Here’s How It Works:

Okay, you finally make the call and your reservation is made. You are going skydiving! You make your way to Skydive South Padre.

As you are greeted by our staff you wonder what you got yourself into. With your toes in the sand and the sun on your face you meet your instructor. He gets your harness on and adjusted just for you while your videographer captures your excitement starting to build.

After a short briefing we make our way to the air conditioned van and head to Brownsville Airport. Once we arrive it should really be sinking in now. After some more safety checks and pictures you make your way to the airplane. Time to go!

The airplane takes off and you are on your way up and out to the beach. Your fears grip loosens as you look out the windows. Getting your first look at how awesome this is going to be.

As we climb your instructor points out the the Coast and The Rio Grand. Just as you start to relax your instructor tells you its time to hook up. He makes all the necessary attachments and calls out his safety checks. Your videographer snaps a few more shots and you make your way to the door.

Ready! Set! GO!


You’re Skydiving! The first thing you notice is how controlled the skydive is. The wind is rushing by and your senses are overloaded as you fall through the sky at speeds over 120mph. Your spinning though the air your instructor gives the sign its time to pull! Wow! Now you and your instructor settle in for an awesome 5-7 min canopy ride above South Padre Island. You are starting to realize what we all know. Skydiving is fun and ANYONE over the age of 18 can do it.

You and your instructor make your last few turns and he lands you back where it all started, toes in the sand. A cameraman and friends are there to see your excitement. Congratulations! You are officially a skydiver.

What are you waiting for? Call 956-744-JUMP (5867) to make your reservation today!