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Sandy Feet SandCastle Services

Sandy Feet SandCastle Services

117 E. Saturn Lane South Padre Island, TX 78597
(956) 459-2928

Sandy Feet Sandcastle Services is a loosely-knit coalition of locals who love to build sandcastles – and who want to help you have more fun on the beach forever. We offer private and group instruction to meet every budget – providing all the tools (and we are happy to let you continue using them during your stay on our island – because the more you do it, the better you get; the better you get the more fun it is; the more fun it is, the more you do it etc., etc.)

Chief builder Lucinda “Sandy Feet” Wierenga invented the job of “sandcastle instructor” back in 1990 (often imitated, never duplicated) and has taught tens of thousands of people how to build better sandcastles in lessons, workshops and team building exercises — and she has reached untold numbers more with her best-selling book, “Sand Castles Made Simple.” Creating “beach billboards” (aka will you marry me castles) is one of her special skills. She is currently perfecting her recipe for creating sand sculptures that last for years, the results of which may be seen all over South Padre Island (sandcastletrail.com) as well as on the grounds of The SandBox Inn, her unique and spacious vacation SPI rental/sand castle academy.

New in 2018 — SandCamp! Visit sandyfeet.com to read all about it…