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Sand Dunes On South Padre Island

Sand Dunes On South Padre Island

State Park Rd. & end of North side of Island

South Padre is a barrier island separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Laguna Madre Bay. South Padre Island’s beaches and bay are prime tourist destinations for those who want to relax or take advantage of the numerous wind and water sports available.

The dunes offer a scenic backdrop to our beaches, but more importantly, are integral parts of a dynamic environment controlled by waves, tides, currents and wind. Beaches and dunes are our first line of defense against storms and flooding. Coastal communities are protected from the storms that occur in the Gulf by a system of vegetated sand dunes which provide a protective barrier. Because stabilized, vegetated dunes offer the best natural defense against damage caused by storms, the Texas General Land Office has directed coastal communities to protect these dunes.

South Padre Island is proactive in ensuring its dune system is protected and encourages the growth and propagation of vegetation that supports the natural and artificial building of dunes.