How to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The effects of Hurricane Harvey on Texas communities is unprecedented.  Thousands have been displaced from their homes, and as this disaster continues, we know that the need is great to help fellow Texans.  

Below is a list of ways we’ve vetted that you use to help aid those in need.

We’re providing this quick curated list to help source areas of greatest need.  When considering donations, please check with the organization directly to determine if they have asked for specifics.  Also, make sure to research before making any donation. Two well-known resources for this are: and

Toiletries & Food Banks

When we think of floods, we think of people displaced from their homes. Many had to leave so quickly, they couldn’t bring  everyday items such as toiletries. For those who need assistance such as babies, children with disabilities and seniors – toiletries are important to overall health. Clean undergarments are vital for the safety and well-being.

The Texas diaper bank provides diapers for vulnerable babies, children with disabilities and seniors.

Area food banks are stepping up to the plate to provide food and water to many displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Some food banks need volunteers– others have specific lists of needs. Here are some of the food banks around the state who are assisting during this time of high needcourtesy of Houston Press


Thousands have been pushed from their homes at this time and many will not have homes to go back to. For many of us, home is where memories are made with family and friends. Being able to provide lodging may not make the water go away, but it gets people out of the water and gives them an opportunity to recharge their emotional and physical batteries before pressing on.


Giving money to relief organizations is a great way to help if you are too far away from the disaster area to volunteer your time and resources. We’ve found a few charities that will use your money in the best way possible.

However you choose to donate, please know that monetary donations are preferred by most organizations. Monetary donations empower organizations to buy supplies as needs arise, and organizations do not have plan transportation of supplies as they would with physical donations.

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