Date: September 27, 2017

Dolphin Viewing Tips

Any day all year long there are dolphins around South Padre Island. Dolphin tours can be an amazing experience and a little planning can help make them something you’ll remember forever. Here are some tips to make your dolphin viewing trip the best it can be.

Picture or Video

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Unless you’re a professional wildlife photographer for National Geographic, you probably won’t get many great photos. Dolphin’s bodies blend in well with the surrounding water. Try taking videos instead. You’ll capture the dolphin’s interactions and have something to look back on.


If you get carsick easily, you might get that same nauseous feeling on a boat. When the weather is good and you’re in a large boat, you will have a fairly smooth ride. Most dolphin viewing trips are not on large boats however. Pick up some motion sickness medicine before you depart. You don’t want seasickness to get in the way of your adventure.

Dress Appropriately

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Even on cool days the sun can do some damage. Put on sunblock, wear a hat and bring polarized glasses. During the winter months, you will probably want a wind breaker or jacket. And wear shoes that you can comfortably stand in on a boat. Flip flops are best for the beach!

Arrive Early

Make sure you book ahead, especially during the busy summer months when tours fill up fast, and arrive early. If you’re running late, your tour might leave without you! You also want to make sure you have plenty of time to fill out any necessary paperwork and ask any questions. You’ll be more relaxed if you give yourself the extra time.

Roll with what Mother Nature Gives You

The dolphins might be way out in the distance, not the species of dolphin you wanted to see, or completely absent. Mother nature can’t be predicted and while your guides will do their best to provide a great experience, wild animals don’t always comply. Don’t fret though, this a lot of sea life around South Padre Island and if you spend enough time around the island, you’ll see some pretty cool animals.

Enjoy Yourself

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Dolphin viewing trips are fun excursions for everyone, so don’t let the stress of planning get in the way! You’re about to witness wild animals in their element. Enjoy the moment and come back for more.

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