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Giant Snook

By Kelly Groce Peeling drag, freight train runs, aggressive head shakes and full-body aerials; this is what one can expect when battling the elusive snook. Up until the 1940s snook were plentiful along the south Texas coastline, but due to commercial gill netting, their numbers dropped drastically…

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Mangrove Snapper on Topwaters

By Kelly Groce Mangrove snapper on topwaters? This might not be the most common way to target a gray snapper, known mostly by you and I as a mangrove, but it is definitely the most visually pleasing way to catch these colorful, tough fighting fish. Mangrove snapper can be found both inshore and…

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Am I, Are We Making a Difference?

Guest Blogger, Ed Caum, CVB Director South Padre Island I remember my first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, because it was the first Earth Day. I was 10. To set the stage I was raised in Alaska where we relied on our environment to provide us with many of the products we consumed daily. Fish from the…

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