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Deep Sea Fishing on South Padre Island

Deep waters are where the big fish roam. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to be an experienced angler to make a great catch. Whether you’ve been fishing for years or you've never held a rod and reel in your life, you can head out to the deep waters that surround South Padre…

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The Perfect Way To Begin The Day In South Padre Island

By Elayna Fernandez This blog post is part of the Texas Travel Blogger Takeover of South Padre Island. Waking up in South Padre Island is a miracle in itself. Surrounded by the Ocean and the Bay, this tropical paradise is perfect for a family getaway, just a few hours away from Fort Worth, the city…

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What to do during your next "playcation"

“Playcation” is one of the new word suggestions in the Collins English Dictionary. It means: “A vacation consisting of play especially from a child’s perspective.” That sounds fun whether you’re a kid or not, but if your family is looking for their next playcation, look no further than South Padre…

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