On South Padre Island, we welcome all guests – including your pets! Don’t leave your furry friends behind — we are a pet-friendly destination — after all, they need a vacation too. If your dogs love to play in the water, they’ll go crazy over the warm waves of South Padre beaches, and you won’t mind jumping right in and playing with them.

Couple on the beach with their Dog


  • Saltwater will upset their tummies. Make sure you have fresh water and a bowl.
  • Sand and pavement can get too hot for their paws. Be mindful of peak sun times.
  • Make sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations and that you have access to those records.
  • South Padre Island has a leash law. Please keep your pets safe.
  • Whether you are staying in a hotel or vacation rental, check with management on individual pet policies.
  • Lost or found a pet? Call SPI Friends of Animal Rescue 24/7 hotline (956) 772-1171.
  • Bring something to clean up after your dog!

Keeping Your Best Friends Safe and Comfortable

Learn more about the City of South Padre Island city ordinances related to pets within the city limits of South Padre Island