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Frequently Asked Questions

Start spring break like a pro. Here are the top frequently asked
questions to make your spring break trip the best.

Can I park anywhere?

Uh, no. Don’t park dumb. You know, sidewalks, driveways, the ocean.

Can I leave my vehicle on the beach at night?

Uh, no. You’re not Lord of the Beach. Check the signs.

Is there free or low-cost transportation available.

Yes and yes. You can ride the Wave for free. And grab an affordable cab.

Should I lock my ride?

Yes lock your ride. (Car, truck, scooter.) Lock that bad boy.

Can I take my valuables to the beach?

Better to hide your “Valuables”. Just saying.

Who should I call in an emergency?

911. And running out of ice isn’t an emergency.

Is it ok to swim alone?

No. Like never.

What should I do if need help in the water?

Yell and wave like a crazy person.

What should I do if I see someone yelling and waving like a crazy person in the water?

Call 911.

What do I do if caught in rip current?

Swim parallel (not perpendicular) to shore. And never fight the current’s pull. (You’ll loose)

Is it ok to kiss a jellyfish?

Only if you’re another jellyfish. If stung by jellyfish, flag down Beach patrol. Stings are rarely serious and easily treated. Word.

What do I do if a get a ticket?

Complain. Then go to for info.

Are alcohol related offenses really offensive?

Super offenses because they carry a fine and may require Alcohol Awareness course and suspension of your Drivers License.

What can't you wait to do?

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Dance the Night Away! Top Live Music Spots on South Padre Island

Dance the Night Away! Top Live Music Spots on South Padre Island

Dance the night (or day) away on South Padre Island, where there’s plenty of places to enjoy fun without the sun. Pull up a chair or take your two step to the dance floor with local, live music sets around the island. Be sure to check out local websites for updates to artist and music schedules throughout the calendar year.

Make a Splash! Take a Water Sport Lesson on South Padre Island

Make a Splash! Take a Water Sport Lesson on South Padre Island

Take a dip in the emerald blue water and make a splash on South Padre Island! From windsurfing to kiteboarding and everything in between, the island boasts a variety of watersport activities and lessons for both the novice and the expert thrill seeker.

Top 5 Visitor Attractions on South Padre Island

Top 5 Visitor Attractions on South Padre Island

Relaxing on a beautiful, warm Texas day on the white, sugary sands of our 34-mile long beach is a completely acceptable vacation pastime; however, if you’re looking to experience all South Padre Island has to offer, make sure and check these favorite attractions off your to-do list and experience your island, your way.